MADAGASCAR: Close and personal (time 52 min or 2x 26 min ). Trailer (1,5 min). 

Guide to the magical island. As the fourth largest island in the world, Madagascar is often called the end of the world for its remoteness. Life there is completely different than what we know from our modern world. The past is reflected in the present and the supernatural is a self-evident part of life. Traditions and magic are omnipresent. Rain forests, lemurs, Madagascar habits and traditions commented by Malagasy guide Odile. 


CZECH REPUBLIC: From Madagascar to a Moravian home (time 32 min). Trailer (1,5 min).

Free continuation of the  Madagascar movie. The life of a Malagasy woman Odile in her new home in the Czech-Moravian Highlands. Odile is finding the beauty of the Czech Republic, comparing our habits, traditions and every day activities such as cooking and heating with those in Madagascar. Odile comments in Malagasy and French, Czech subtitles.


MADAGASCAR: Famadihana (time 32 min). Trailer (1,5 min).

Free continuation of the  Madagascar and Chech Republic movie. Again in Madagascar. Traditional Burial called Famadihana, guided again with  Malagashy Odile. Focusing especialy at the Tradicion kept by her family.


MEXIKO: Comida Mexicana (time 56 min or 2x 26 min. Trailer(1,5 min).

A country favored by the Mayan gods. From the Gulf of Mexico to the Caribbean. Fishermen, weaving of Panama hats. Cave systems cenotes. A culinary paradise – resourceful Yucatan cuisine. Maya sights. The Indian and Creole traditions, Aztec, Mayan as well as the modern Roman Catholic religion,  the sights and the cuisine.


GUATEMALA: With shamans in tow (now in progres,  time 2x 52 min or 3x 26). Trailer (1,5 min).

Guatemala -Antigua, a city at the foot of volcanoes.  A Maya family from Antiga Guatemala accompany the camera through this historical city. Curiosities of the city including the parts that were severely damaged by the 1773 earthquake. Active volcanoes and the Acatenango volcano, a unique cemetery with an indigenous commentary. Chicken bus – a recognition mark of the city. An Indian family prepares the national meal pepian. One of the largest festival in Chichicastenango and for sure Easter in Antigua.

Insights into the shamanic present of Guatemala in the Santiago Atitlan municipality. Local shaman demonstrates his practices in the Mayan language ketchikel. Views of the surrounding volcanoes and the reportedly most beautiful lake in the world.  To show locals sights and to explain in a simplified way the Mayan religion.


ALJASKA:  Country of  Icebergs (now in progres, time 52 min or 2x 26 min). Trailer (1,5 min).

Aljaska – Yukon, Dawson. Traveling through the unmistakable landscape beyond the Polar Circle. Fishing - halibut, salmon. The life cycle of salmon in connection with the largest local predator, the Brown bear. Icebergs, glaciers. Russian legacy.


CANADA, ALASKA:  Gold Rush (now in progres, time 26 min). Trailer (1,5 min).

From Aljaska Skagway to Dawson, Yukon teritory. Tracing Gold Rush today, the legacy. Icebergs and the Glaciers in Yucon and British Columbia Teritory. Dredges, solmons, Grizzly Bears.


HAWAII: Maui, Kauai, Hawaii (time 26 min). Trailer (1,5 min).

Islands that have remained hidden from our civilization for a long time amidst the waves of the Pacific Ocean. From the wild rain coast to the active volcanoes. State parks, national parks, waterfalls, canyons. Waterfalls, volcanoes, wild jungle, vegetation on the slopes of the volcanoes. Old Hawaiian shrines heiaus.


NICARAGUA: Live under the Volcanoes (time 26 min). Trailer (1,5 min).

From the Caribbean Coast to the Pacific. From Leon to Granada – the rival coasts and cities. Volcanoes and their activity, the landscape, and people. Indian and Creole traditions and cuisine. Focusing on the people, their traditions and the customs. 


NEPAL: Where the Gods lives (time 26 min). Trailer (1,5 min).

Around Annapúrna, Gosaikund and Capital Káthmandu. Annapúrna Sanctuary, Manaslu. Buddhism. Christmas of  Ghurkas and Sherpas. Mountains, peaks and the clouds around them. Focusing on the people, their traditions and the customs. 


MYANMAR: Under the shade of the stupas (time 52 min or 2x 26 min). Trailer (1,5 min). 

Myanmar (Yangon, Inle, Hpa An, Kiayiktio, Mynwa, Kawtong, Bagan, Mandalaj, Ngapali, new Saung). Buddhist temples and Pagodas set in a unique landscape, until recently not much open to tourism.






Type: documentary film

Length: all movies approx 26 - 60 minutes, can be adjusted. 

Source format: full HD (1920x1080), international track or commented in Czech

Directed, camera, architect, cut, sound, production by: Miloš Brunner

Czech commentary: actor Vilém Udatný

Subtitles: foreign language commentaries are provided with Czech subtitles

Underlying music score: traditional indigenous and popular music 

Company: Montana Club s.r.o., Miloš Brunner