Exceptional promotion of 15% for the first 100 THILLEON® FOR the opening of the French store

Validity: June 21, 2020

LA FABRIQUE DES THILLEONAllSportsBusiness, The Community THILLEON & its relay points

are happy to propose 7 models THILLEON® for its writing instruments : 

RABOS  : 46,75€ instead of 55€ / range AGAPIT (burn oak) or MÉRODE (natural wood) - mini roller 
SIMPLY 67,15€ instead of 79€ / range AGAPIT or MÉRODE  - roller
MONOBLOC : 75,65€ instead of 89€ / range AGAPIT or MÉRODE  - ballpointpen
ELOI : 78,20€ instead of 92€ / range AGAPIT or MÉRODE  - ballpointpen
ARDEN : 82,45€ instead of 97€ / range AGAPIT or MÉRODE  - fountain pen or roller
MAGNET : 84,15€ instead of 99€ / range AGAPIT or MÉRODE  - fountain pen or roller 
MERLIN : 102€ instead of 120€ / range AGAPIT or MÉRODE  - ballpointpen

- The range "AGAPIT" : the french know-how "made in Ardennes" of THILLEON, among the 6 possibilities of burned oaks (natural, green, blue, orange, pink, purple, white)

- The range MERODE : natural wood species among these 16 possibilities (oak, rose wood from Madagascar, snake wood or "amourette" from Guyana, buis, olive wood from Europe or walnut wood, cocobolo from Central America, Ceylon lemon wood, birch, kingwood from Europe or Mozambique, etc)

Please consider 1-2 weeks delivery by colissimo up to 500g :
Zone A (12,30€) : European Union and Switzerland
Zone B (16,65€) : Central Europe countries (outside of E.U.), Norway and Maghreb
Zone C (24,35€) : African countries (outside of Maghreb), Canada, USA, Russia, Near and Middle East

All prices are with VAT (17%) for customers and Excluding VAT for professionnals
Possibility of engraving your name or your brand for 15€ with VAT or 12,82€ excluding VAT