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LA FABRIQUE DES THILLEONAllSportsBusiness, The Community THILLEON & its relay points

are happy to propose 6 models THILLEON® for its writing instruments : 

THILLEON® is the only pen brand in the world which gives you possibility to choose your number of pen, allowing you to enter in the community of the happy THILLEON owners from the number 1 to 1 000 000. 

This is the guarantee of acquiring a unique craft pen made with the greatest attention during 2 to 3 hours in our workshop of the Ardennes in France. 

The THILLEON® logo is laser engraved on each pen. 
A gift box and a velvet pouch with six possible colors will be offered with its certificate of authenticity, from origin and guaranty of 1 year stamped and signed by Roberte THILLOIS, the grand-mother.
For the choice of wood or colors, please have a look at the flyer...

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55,00 € (47,01 € excl VAT) each Model RABOS (Mini Pen visa card size) Choose options
79,00 € (67,52 € excl VAT) each Model "S I M P L Y" Choose options
89,00 € (76,07 € excl VAT) each Model MONOBLOCK Choose options
92,00 € (78,63 € excl VAT) each Model ELOI Choose options
97,00 € (82,91 € excl VAT) each Model ARDEN Choose options
99,00 € (84,62 € excl VAT) each Model MAGNET Choose options
10,00 € (8,55 € excl VAT) each Reserve your THILLEON number
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